Tony Attwood
Tony Attwood


Tony's first success was with the children's musical "Tamburlane the Mad Hen" which was written with poet and author Adrian Mitchell and published by Methuen.


Much of Tony’s early writing after that related to popular music including “Music from Scratch” and the “Pop Songbooks” three volume series, all published by Oxford University Press.


Tony is a life-long Bob Dylan fan runs the highly acclaimed


For many years Tony worked with Dave Cousins of The Strawbs as marketing director of Witchwood Media Ltd which produced and distributed the recordings of Dave and The Strawbs.


Tony plays piano, organ, accordion and guitar and has himself written a number of songs and is working on recordings of the songs which are being released on CD as a private collection.  


He also wrote and performed the church organ music for the weddings of his two eldest daughters.


  1. Sparkling Light
  2. Just like Flying

  3. Always free falling

  4. Ain't seen her in a while
  5. The final surprise (for Mandy)
  6. Jupiter and Mars
  7. Just like old times
  8. What if I were to leave you now
  9. Now we're all martyrs
  10. Dancing the colours
  11. Can we dance to this?
  12. Six songs about Midnight
  13. The Immortals
  14. Shades of the night
  15. Sparkling light (take 2) 
  16. Aint seen her in a while (take 2) 



  1. Dancing Without You
  2. Visions of Louise
  3. Just a word of thanks
  4. A safer place to be
  5. Forgotten love songs
  6. Four Horsemen
  7. One night without you
  8. Sunlight
  9. Forever’s overrated
  10. Highway to the stars
  11. Turn me round
  12. Dancing by numbers
  13. Kirby Hall
  14. Slide gently
  15. Daughters
  16. Disappear
  17. Unwanted love songs
  18. Disdain
  19. Could you tell me?


  1. Grab a bit of love
  2. Everyone who knows how to dance has gone
  3. Aliens don't dance
  4. Drinking the stars
  5. Paradise
  6. Can we dance to this?
  7. Your friend tonight
  8. Nowhere to dance
  9. For if Shakespeare
  10. There must be more to life than Radio 1
  11. One night without you
  12. Take my heart most unkind love
  13. One dance away from you
  14. Can't sing the blues
  15. The museum of everything
  16. Now I'm without you
  17. Always

Music 2019+


  1. She walks through midnight
  2. Moments so wild
  3. Just like flying
  4. Covered in blue
  5. Rain on the window
  6. Never been alone
  7. How to rhyme
  8. One more time
  9. Designated Survivor
  10. Romantic Dreams
  11. The World's End 
  12. The course of history
  13. Start Making Sense
  14. Fortress
  15. Just one more backwards glance
  16. What if I were to leave you now
  17. The reporter and the royal
  18. The last candle
  19. Invisible Land