Tony Attwood
Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood as an Author

Tony Attwood as an author


Tony has been very involved in writing in a wide range of areas throughout his life, and some of the main areas of his work are summarised here.

His initial works were published by commercial publishers active at the time.  These include:



  • The Pop Workbook (1987, with Paul Farmer; Edward Arnold)
  • The Football Workbook (with Paul Farmer; Edward Arnold)
  •  In Concert (Syston Publishing)
  •  The Pop Business (EJ Arnold)
  •  Music from Scratch (OUP)
  •  The Pop Songbooks (3 volumes, OUP)

Tony also wrote the musical to the Adrian Mitchell children's musical "Tamburlane the Mad Hen" which was published by Methuen



  • The What’s New Guide to Transport Cafes (What’s New)
  • The Daily Mail Book of Running a Small Business (1989) (contributor)
  • Buying for Business (Kogan Page 1988)
  • The Good Franchise Guide (with Len Hough) Kogan Page 1988/1990
  • Business Rip Offs and How to Avoid Them (Kogan Page 1987)


  • Blake’s 7 Afterlife, (Star Books)
  • Doctor Who: Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma (Star Books)
  • Blake’s 7 The Programme Guide (Target books)
  • Making the Arsenal (Hamilton House 2010)

For parents and students

  • How to Choose a Private School (1988, How To Books)
  • Getting Jobs in Music (Cassell)

Trade directories

Hamilton House Publishing developed five trade Directories which were published twice yearly in the 1980s and 1990s

  • The Radio Advertisers' Guide
  • The Radio Directory
  • The TV Directory
  • The Publishing Directory
  • The Marketing Directory

This business was then sold on to Professional Books who later sold it to Reed International.




When Hamilton House Publishing was sold it retained two series of books, the Careerscope Series (20 books on varying careers for school leavers, published by Hamilton House Publishing) and the Lifescope series (10 books concerning life after school, for school leavers and their parents.)


Marketing books

  • Education: The £17bn market (1991, Hamilton House)
  • Ghengis Khan Meets the Royal Mail (1995, Hamilton House)
  • Education Marketing (First and Best 2005)

Ghengis Kahn Meets the Royal Mail gained a certain notoriety as the Royal Mail itself demanded itself removal from publication, a reflection perhaps of its monopoly position at the time.


First and Best

Following the sale of Hamilton House Publishing and its titles, Tony set up First and Best Education Ltd with the aim of publishing both his own work aimed at teachers, and that of other writers. 


Between the launch of the company in 1983 and its closure in 2015 it published over 1000 titles.


Below is a list of some of the titles that Tony Attwood contributed to the company during its 30 year history:

  • 600 Activities for A Level General Studies
  • Attention Deficit Disorder in the Under 5s
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: Practical Activities in School
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: The Parents’ Support Book
  • Behaviour and Discipline in Primary Schools
  • Business Sponsorship of Schools
  • Classroom Easter
  • Department Management Policies and Contracts (series)
  • Dyscalculia Activities
  • Dyscalculia in Schools
  • Dyslexia: The Whole School Approach
  • Enhancing Learning in Homework Clubs
  • Enterprise Education
  • From Failure to Excellence
  • GCSE Business Studies
  • Getting Ready to Start School
  • Home/School Policies and Contracts (series)
  • Improving attitudes, managing behaviour, reducing exclusions
  • Improving Children’s Learning
  • Improving School Finance
  • Increasing the Efficiency of School Administration
  • Listening to Music for GCSE
  • Literacy Skills and Self Development
  • Maths for the Dyslexic Pupil
  • Methods of Teaching (series)
  • Music and the Media
  • Music Composition at GCSE
  • Practical Activities for Children with Dyscalculia
  • Practical School Improvement
  • PSHE in the Playground
  • Raising Grades at GCSE
  • Raising Grades Through Study Skills
  • Raising Response Rates in Direct Mail
  • Raising Teacher Morale in a World of Change
  • Realising the Potential of Each Department
  • Recovery from Stress
  • Recruiting & Motivating School Governors & Members of the School Boards
  • Risk Assessment Documents for Secondary Schools (series)
  • School Purchasing Policies
  • Security in Schools
  • Self Development and Secondary School Pupils
  • Setting Targets to Raise Standards
  • Teacher Motivation
  • Tests for Dyscalculia
  • The Christmas Classroom (with Keith Buckby)
  • The Effective Department (series)
  • The Effective Teacher (series)
  • The Headteacher as Leader
  • The Improving Department
  • The Improving Primary School
  • The Parents’ Survival Guide: Coping with a Teenagers
  • The Parents’ Survival Guide: Games to Play at Home
  • The Parents’ Survival Guide: Helping your child be better behaved
  • The Parents’ Survival Guide: Helping Your Child With Study Skills
  • The Parents’ Survival Guide: Preparing for School
  • The Perfect Classroom (series)
  • The Perfect Secondary School
  • The Relevant Assembly
  • The school, business and the Internet
  • What Today’s Employers Want and Expect
  • Work Experience




Tony has contributed articles to a wide range of publications over the years including series in publications as diverse as Studio Sound, The Guardian, and Special Education News magazine,