Tony Attwood
Tony Attwood

The Dyscalculia Centre


Following his involvement in writing a course for teachers of dyslexic students in the 1990s Tony began to be involved in research into dyscalculia, and from 2001 onwards began to publish materials, books and research papers on the subject under the umbrella of the Dyscalculia Centre which he founded.

In 2012 the Centre opened its on line screening and assessment program for dyscalculics through which hundreds of people of all ages have since been diagnosed and in 2020 introduced a free preliminary screening program which is available via its website below.


The Dyscalculia Centre’s reports, programmes and testing materials are now in use in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the UK. 


Information about the Centre, as well as a large number of freely available articles on dyscalculia which answer most of the questions that are asked of the Centre, can be found on   The Centre also provides paid-for materials for parents and teachers which have been written by Tony.

In 2020 the website listed Tony as one of the four leading experts in dyscalculia in the UK.